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Professional design and production of PVC, APET, PS and other colors of blister packaging products, and offset printing boxes, cylinders and other packaging plastic products.
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Our team's manifesto

       We are ordinary people, but we are ordinary people with ideals and aspirations. With the same wish, we gather under the banner of Shengyida to create a business together with our enthusiasm, our hands and our wisdom. Dedicate our unique strength to the society with high-quality products and perfect services.We hope that every employee can become an excellent person with integrity, enthusiasm, diligence, urbanity and ability; we hope that like-minded people will continue to join our team; We have a firm belief, and at the same time have a high- efficiency, high-tech, high-development collective; we hope that our friends are all over the world, and more people will understand us, believe us, support us, and spur us, so that we can constantly improve ourselves and improve Organizing, improving products, and improving services. No matter what kind of storm we experience, we always believe that through our unremitting efforts and the selfless support of our friends, our ideals will surely come true, and our ideals will surely come true.


Room D, 6 / F, information technology centre, 21 hung to road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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